Conference Overview

The Master Franchise Conference is a two day platform on multi-unit/ master franchising for building management and growth know-how for both existing and prospective multi-unit and master franchise operators and also for High Networth Investors to successfully leverage their best assets in acquiring, managing and growing Master Franchise Operators both across the country and region.

Who should attend?

  • Prospective Master Franchisees
  • Indian Franchisors seeking to determine how to go about master franchising in foreign markets
  • Indian HNIs and business investors seeking master franchisors to expand business in India
  • Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) looking to establish or expand business in India
  • Business Conglomerates looking at expanding business through international collaborations
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to explore scalable, fast growth business opportunities
  • Corporate professionals looking at scalable entrepreneurial business models
  • Existing Master Franchisees
  • Existing business owners looking for greater insights on managing a diverse business
  • CEOs / Directors / Owners looking to identify complimentary business opportunities
  • Prospective franchisors looking to develop master programme
  • Corporate looking to plug a new business model in existing business
  • Funding Institutions looking to extend loans to high growth businesses
  • Consultants, Accountants and Legal Firms

Key Takeaways

  • Evaluate how technology is transforming the education industry
  • Stay updated on the latest advances in the field of education
  • Compare and evaluate the right growth format for your education enterprise
  • Identify efficiencies and measurable outcomes coming to the classroom
  • Keep a Tab on Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and government investments
  • Place yourself in front of the biggest audience of policy makers, contractors, architects, consultants and many more
  • Gain a modern outlook on curriculum, programme delivery and training
  • Discover the importance of marketing and getting it right both at national and institutional level
  • Financing education deals - where to find liquidity?
  • New methodology on quality assurance and school improvement
  • Values, strategy and implementation
  • integrated internationalization